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Concrete Grinding

Do you have a previously installed decorative concrete surface that's fading, peeling, or dull?

Did you move into a home or business with stained concrete that needs an update or maintenance or perhaps you'd like to see about changing the current look?

Do you currently have another type of flooring but you're interested in seeing what it would take to get a decorative concrete floor instead?

Renovations are one of our most popular services.

We have the tools and experience to transform your current surfaces into both beautifully rejuvenated or new decorative concrete flooring designs. We'll take the time to consult with you on your current situation to learn about your ideal design and advise you on the steps necessary to make your vision a reality.

Concrete Grinding

      The renovation services we offer include a professional consultation, demo, floor scraping, floor grinding, and patching & resurfacing materials that can transform even the dingiest, beat up floor into a new modern and elegant stained concrete surface. It does not matter if your current floor is old stained concrete, carpet, laminate, tile, or wood. We've refined our preparation methods to take nearly any flooring back to the decorative concrete surface you're looking for. We use specialized equipment including vacuums with HEPA filtration to minimize any dust or debris related to the renovation process. In our experience, each situation is uniquely different which is exactly why you need a professional consultation and specialists with experience to help deliver your vision.

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