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      One of the most durable floor coatings that you can apply to a floor today is an epoxy coating.  Not only does it protect your floor, it can also dramatically transform your plain, old concrete into a professional-grade floor of function and beauty.  Although epoxy floors can be installed in many areas of your home or business, they are particularly popular in garages and interior high-traffic areas. In today's homes or businesses our customers are seeking a functional, easy to clean, and decorative flooring option that adds not only beauty but low maintenance, value, and durability. The benefits of floor epoxy have quickly made it one of the top choices for both residential and commercial flooring today. If you're looking for that 'Showroom Shine' a professional epoxy floor coating is perfect for you!


It's All About the Additives!

      Depending on the finish you're seeking, broadcasted additives such as colored flakes, quartz sand, even dynamic pre-mixed metallics can be used in conjunction with the pigmented epoxy base coat. Each of these additives not only has unique aesthetic characteristics but can also help to provide more texture to the otherwise smooth surface, as well as diminish the appearances of pre-existing blemishes in your concrete.

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