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          Each Owner shall sign our standard project paperwork including an Agreement and Project Description page specific to their property's work dates, financial details, design selections, etc. (Start dates and work times are just estimates and may vary based upon factors such as weather, accessibility/availability of the project area, illness, the availability of selected materials for the project, or other various unforeseen factors out of the control of the Contractor.) Concrete is imperfect, cracks and is prone to expansion and contraction and the act of prepping, staining, coating, or sealing such a surface can result in both unique color mottling and texture variations beyond the control of the Contractor, as well as other normal appearances in the surface due to the decorative concrete installation processes including but not limited to: the potential of marks caused by grinding and potential visibility of surface characteristics such as: aggregate exposure, pre-existing blemishes including oil, grease, glues or adhesive residues, hard water stains or other misc. stains, paint, previously installed building materials like mortar, stucco, concrete, thinset, mastic, or grout lines and joints referred to as “ghosting”, variations in texture and/ or gloss, roller lap lines, orange peel effect or blotchiness in the finish due to air bubbles referred to as “fish eyes”, uncontrollable debris or surface conditions such as porosity, moisture content or other various conditions including any prior work or repairs performed on the surfaces. Any potential cracking and/or unforeseen issues that may arise as a result of any type of moisture are beyond the control of the Contractor and are not warranted. The Contractor makes no warranty claims, neither expressed or implied, and all product warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. The Contractor shall not be liable for damages caused by the application of any products over concrete with excessive moisture vapor transmission or alkalinity. The Contractor shall not be liable for any injury incurred in a slip and fall accident. The nature of the Contractor’s work is strictly decorative and as a result may be exposed to many types of potential damage for reasons such as: exposure to all types of weather and elements, the surrounding topography, previous work done to the area, both normal and abnormal wear and tear, improper floor maintenance practices, moisture vapor transmissions, and any other issues beyond the Contractor’s control, thus the Contractor does not guarantee any correction of work period after acceptance. Cosmetic blemishes or defects beyond the control of the Contractor are not uncommon in a decorative concrete process and the Contractor is not responsible for repairs or touch-ups to the issues in question unless agreed upon in a subsequent Change Order. You understand that due to the chemical make-up of the products and processes involved in decorative concrete design installations that your project areas may temporarily smell abnormal as a result of the installation and agree to hold the Contractor harmless for any and all smells. Drying and cure times of the various products used vary based on factors such as weather, temperature, and humidity and are beyond the control of the Contractor. At some point in time it will become necessary for your surface to be resealed. Longevity and performance will depend on the end use of the surface, environmental conditions it is subjected to (moisture, freeze-thaw cycling, UV rays), wear patterns, and other contributing factors. Each Owner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their decorative concrete installation upon completion.

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