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Acid Stain Concrete Patio

Transform your boring concrete with our custom acid staining application. Available in a variety of rich earth-toned colors, these stains are manufactured by chemical specialists to ensure a consistent, high-quality product that gives great results every time.


Thanks to the many advances in technology and chemical formulation, concrete can be stained in a wide range of hues. Acid staining is a great, customizable way to bring life to plain gray concrete. Whether you're seeking elegant, rustic, southwestern, old world or traditional decor, acid stained concrete floors are an excellent choice. To achieve these beautiful floors, special stains are formulated to react with the concrete’s lime content.  Through the reaction, these stains lightly etch and create color into the surface making them not only beautiful but extremely durable. This method can be used on new or old slabs. Mottling or the variation of light and dark colors naturally visible as a result of the acid stain process create rich tones and complex, almost translucent textures.

Our professional application allows us to create a wide range of effects by using different staining techniques. Whether it is a single color or a more complex multicolored design, a beautiful acid stained floor delivers the feel of luxurious, modern flooring but at an affordable price.

Water Reducible Concentrate (WRC) stain is an environmentally friendly penetrating waterborne acrylic pigmented stain.


Water-based stains come in more than 30 beautiful color choices, while also allowing the applicator to create custom colors by mixing different concentrate colors together. Water-based concrete stains are a newer, non-reactive option for staining interior and exterior concrete. Like acid stains, they are UV stable, but unlike acid stains, they offer a broader color selection.

We often use water-based stains when a project calls for colors not available with acid stains or when we want to be able to create artistic effects by blending or layering colors. Water-based stains can impart a more consistent color (as opposed to the strong variegation of acids stains) but can also be diluted at varying ratios to customize the shade of the desired color along with additional accenting techniques that'll break up color uniformity and create a mottled effect in almost any color combination.


Stained Concrete Walkay
Decorative Concrete Certified Green



Acetone Dyes are thin solvent-based pigments which penetrate and color concrete and other cementitious surfaces. The solvent flashes quickly meaning the color is dry on the surface in a matter of minutes. Acetone dyes are installed quickly, can be diluted to adjust the shade of the desired color, and also allow for custom color creations. When properly applied, acetone dyes create beautifully mottled effects similar to acid stains but without the wait time needed during the acid stain process. A translucent dye, these colors can be combined into countless variations and hues, or layered for unique effects.

Acetone dyes are great for adding additional color accents on top of other stain types or especially for restoring worn color on previously decorated concrete surfaces that may be in need of touch-ups and restoration.


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